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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pamul-ogan Hill, a Historical Shrine of Faith

Pamul-ogan Hill, a Historical Shrine of Faith
From Iloilo On Foot. By Giancarlo Alvarez

According to early documents, the discovery of Cabatuan in the heart of the province was initiated when a Molave Cross was planted on the highest peak of the locale. A year after the cross was planted, a town was established in the northern bank of Tigum river near the foot of the hill.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Capilla de Cabatuan: Uniquely Baroque

Capilla de Cabatuan: Uniquely Baroque
From Iloilo On Foot. By Giancarlo Alvarez

Capilla de Cabatuan is an ornate chapel located in the heart of the town's romanesque cemetery. The Chapel is built out of gray stones in Gothic, Roman, Byzantine, Baroque and Tuscan Architectures.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Tree of Bondage

Again, Cabatuan proves that she is a place thriving with rich history. Aside from the town's Spanish Church(1734-1864), Spanish Town Hall(1734), Spanish Pilgrim Cross(1732) and Spanish-Filipino Cemetery(1886), another heritage site lies in one of the corners of the town's public square, the Tree of Bondage which is believed to be as old as the Town's Brick Church and town Hall. It is belived that when the Town Hall and the Church were being built, those who refuse to work, or those who escaped from forced labor were tied on this crooked calachuchi tree and whipped. Today, this strange tree exists like its gasping for life though it's blessedly living and for centuries, it has been there, lying on its nook like holding a mysterious tale.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cabatuan Church: The Model of Temples

Cabatuan Church is one the most popular tourist destination in Iloilo. It is Tuscanic in style with baroque and neoclassic elements. Perhaps one might feel the Italian essence with Cabatuan Church's architectural design.

Worthy of its title, 'The Model of Churches' Cabatuan is a grand church that was built to satisty the European taste.

Why did El Eco de Panay gave the church the title 'Model of Temples'?
According to accounts, Cabatuan Church, one the best representation of European Architecture in the Philippines was built with six belfries and three facades, its design is a complex structure which may be associated with majestic European Basilicas. In the early 1900's, Cabatuan Church was included in an international guidebook. In the 1948 earthquake, the church lost four belfries, the central dome and the pediments of the eastern and western facades.

The church of Cabatuan is the only extant church in the Island of Panay which has Three Facades. Much has been restored in the early 1990's. Today, Cabatuan church is one of the picturesque churches in the Philippines.

This is a legacy that we Cabatuananon can be proud of. We should be proud that Cabatuan Church is the Philippines' Model of Temples.

for more information please visit: Cabatuan Roman Catholic Church Website

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Help Revive the Romanesque Cemetery of Cabatuan

The cemetery of Cabatuan, Iloilo, is one of the fewest cemeteries in the Philippines with Historic significance and an extant Hispanic Artistry. Perhaps, compared to other cemteries in Iloilo, this cemetery is a model of zoning and layout. Thus, we Cabatuananons have the previlege to boast such historic site, but first, we should make this cemetery a must see place that will mark a page on Iloilo's tourism guidebooks, and perhaps we could make it into National publications.

The cemetery though obviously, a colonial structure is plain and boring to the uncritical eye. Viewers might not notice the yellowish brick limestone which now turned into greenish-gray or the rosettes carved on the cemetery arches. Constant cleaning will help the cemetery restore it's colonial appeal. Much of the Finials which crown the gate pilars were removed, or destroyed, the best replacement though are concrete angel statuaries which will lift the cemetery's simple neoclassic appearance to a much adorned Baroque view.

A Photomanipulation: Cabatuan Cemetery with Kneeling angel statuaries
The arch entrances of Cabatuan Cemetery, though similar with the retablos in Cabatuan Church are plain and simple. The best installment are angelic statuaries which will crown and enlighten the massive byzantine arches.
A photomanipulation: Cabatuan Cemetery with limestone angel statues on beside the arch pediment.
The main motiff of Cabatuan Cemetery is simplicity. any restoration should not exceed from the Cemetery's architectural scope. Cabatuan cemetery is a place worth seeing, here is a place of history and artistry, a place of magnificence that could capture any eye.
Cabatuan cemetrey: Walled City of Souls.
For more details about cabatuan cemetery visit:
note: The photos shown above are edited versions of the original structure, statuaries and angels do not exist on the real cemetery gates, these will only give ideas on what the cemetery would look life after a possible restoration.

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